MAAS graduates, we want to hear from YOU! We are launching a 2017 alumni outreach campaign and will be communicating more than in the past. We also plan to more prominently feature our alums in CCAS publications and on our website. Because this is a renewed effort on our part, it’s important for us first to learn more about each of you. If you are a MAAS grad, please take just a couple of minutes to update your information and complete a brief survey question. You may use this same form at any time to send us updates of your accomplishments for potential inclusion in the CCAS Newsmagazine. We look forward to hearing from you!

MAAS graduates accomplish a great deal by completing the program. We encourage our graduates to make this enriching experience a possibility for others. Whether it is in support of scholarships for deserving students or of the Center’s activities that made your time at MAAS richer—through events, publications, or classroom outreach—please consider us in your philanthropic giving this year.


Alumni Spotlight

Photo of Alaa Mufleh

Alumni Spotlight: Alaa Mufleh (MAAS ’18)

“I have learned that when you bring consciousness to anything, things begin to shift and that is how you inspire and initiate change,” says Alaa Mufleh, a 2018 graduate of the MAAS program. Read more about Alaa’s future plans, including climbing Mt. Everest as part of an all-Arab women’s team!

Photo of Timothy Kaldas standing in front of camera.

MAAS in and on the Media

Graduates of the MAAS program have distinguished themselves in many professional fields, including the media. We hear below from alums who work in the media—as journalists and producers—and on the media—as expert commentators, knowledge archivists, and scholars.

Ada Mullol standing on a road

Q&A with Journalist Ada Mullol (MAAS ’18)

Ada Mullol was well on her way to a career in journalism when she decided to pursue her Masters in Arab Studies at Georgetown. She first honed her reporting skills as an undergraduate at Autonomous University in Barcelona, where she studied journalism, wrote for the university magazine, and received an investigative reporting award for her work on the Syrian regime’s suppression and surveillance of Syrians in Spain.

Headshot of Natalia Sancha

Alumni Spotlight: Natalia Sancha (MAAS ’08)

MAAS alumna Natalia Sancha, originally from Andalusia, studied journalism because she wanted to cover important events and tell people about them. Now, after working as a reporter, writer, and photographer in Lebanon for more than a decade, she shares some of her experiences.

Photo of Roya Soleimani

Alumni Spotlight: Roya Soleimani (MAAS ’11)

The power of Google is immense, but it’s also the work they do offline that makes an incredible difference in the world. And for SFS alumnae Roya Soleimani (MAAS ’11), to be a part of that humanitarian arm is a fulfilling moment of her career.

Photo of Curt Goering

Alumni Spotlight: Curt Goering (MAAS ’80)

While in college in the West Bank and Jerusalem, Curt Goering would frequently watch soldiers periodically enter and disrupt his classes and take students away. His classmates would often return with bruises on their bodies and grave stories of what the soldiers did to them. These narratives, and the time he spent studying abroad in the Middle East, led him to pursue graduate work on the region with a focus on human rights. He joined the MAAS program and graduated as a member of MAAS’ inaugural class in 1980.