Core Faculty

Osama W Abi-Mershed
Associate Professor, History; Director, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS)
Specializations: North Africa, Arabs and Ottomans, colonial and post-colonial Franco-Maghribi relations

Fida J Adely
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Specializations: Women, gender, and education in the Arab world

Marwa Daoudy
Assistant Professor, International Relations
Specializations: Syria-Turkey relations, politics of water

Rochelle A Davis
Associate Professor, Anthropology; Director, Master of Arts in Arab Studies
Specializations: Arab society and culture, refugees and migration in the Arab world, historiography, conflict

Daniel Neep
Assistant Professor, Arab Politics
Specializations: State formation and state-society relations in the Middle East; Politics of Syria; State theory, space, violence; Colonialism and empire; Comparative-historical analysis; Qualitative and interpretive research methods in the social sciences

Joseph Sassoon
Visiting Professor
Specializations: Political economy and economic history of the Arab world; Modern history and politics (particularly of Iraq); Iraqi refugees; Politics and economics of authoritarianism

Judith Tucker
Professor, History
Specializations: Women and gender in Middle East history, Islamic law, piracy in the Mediterranean


Visiting and Affiliated Faculty

Mustafa Aksakal
Associate Professor

Khalil Al-Anani
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Belkacem Baccouche
Visiting Instructor

Jonathan A.C. Brown
Associate Professor

Elliott Colla
Associate Professor

Noura Erakat
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Bassam S Haddad
Adjunct Professor and ASJ Editor

Yvonne Y Haddad

Emma Gannagé
Associate Professor

Benan Grams
Adjunct Lecturer

Noureddine Jebnoun
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Felicitas M M Opwis
Associate Professor

Emad Shahin
Visiting Professor

Suzanne Stetkevych
Visiting Professor

Emeritus Faculty

Michael Hudson
Professor Emeritus