Core Faculty

Osama W Abi-Mershed
Associate Professor, History; Director, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS)
Specializations: North Africa, Arabs and Ottomans, colonial and post-colonial Franco-Maghribi relations

Fida J Adely
Associate Professor, Anthropology
Specializations: Women, gender, and education in the Arab world

Marwa Daoudy
Assistant Professor, International Relations
Specializations: International relations, critical security studies, environmental security, negotiation theory, peace and conflict, water, Middle East politics, Syria, Syria-Turkey relations

Rochelle A Davis
Associate Professor, Anthropology; Director, Master of Arts in Arab Studies
Specializations: Arab society and culture, refugees and migration in the Arab world, historiography, conflict

Daniel Neep
Assistant Professor, Arab Politics
Specializations: State formation and state-society relations in the Middle East; Politics of Syria; State theory, space, violence; Colonialism and empire; Comparative-historical analysis; Qualitative and interpretive research methods in the social sciences

Joseph Sassoon
Visiting Professor
Specializations: Political economy and economic history of the Arab world; Modern history and politics (particularly of Iraq); Iraqi refugees; Politics and economics of authoritarianism

Judith Tucker
Professor, History
Specializations: Women and gender in Middle East history, Islamic law, piracy in the Mediterranean


Visiting and Affiliated Faculty

Mustafa Aksakal
Associate Professor

Belkacem Baccouche
Visiting Instructor

Jonathan A.C. Brown
Associate Professor

Elliott Colla
Associate Professor

Noura Erakat
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Bassam S Haddad
Adjunct Professor and ASJ Editor

Yvonne Y Haddad

Emma Gannagé
Associate Professor

Benan Grams
Adjunct Lecturer

Noureddine Jebnoun
Adjunct Assistant Professor

Felicitas M M Opwis
Associate Professor

Emad Shahin
Visiting Professor

Suzanne Stetkevych
Visiting Professor

Salim Tamari
Visiting Professor

Emeritus Faculty

Michael Hudson
Professor Emeritus