Few regions command as much attention as the Arab world. Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies has furthered understanding of this vital area with excellence and distinction, illuminating the lives and experiences of the Arabs today—al-`Arab al-yawm.

Our renowned Master of Arts (M.A.) program offers interdisciplinary training in the politics, culture, history, economics, and language of the contemporary Arab Middle East and North Africa.

Our rigorous Arabic program trains students to reach proficienct level and deepen their language skills by opting to take content courses taught entirely in Arabic by academics who are native speakers.

Spanning from lecture series with distinguished scholars to intimate discussions with ambassadors, our events cater to a wide range of academic and professional interests.

Members of our faculty bring a wide array of disciplinary focuses to the center, offering students the opportunity to engage in the study of the region through a dynamic approach.

MAAS graduates accomplish a great deal by completing the program, going on to work at major international companies, organizations, top universities, and government.

The Education Outreach program focuses on the needs of K-14 educators in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area and beyond, equipping them with the tools to convey a nuanced view of the region.

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