MAAS Alumni and Faculty Launch New Ezine

MAAS alumni and faculty, including Bassam Haddad, Noura Erakat, Sinan Antoon, Sherene Seikaly, Nadya Sbaiti, Maka Mikdashi, Lisa Hajjar, and Hesham Sallam, recently launched a new ezine (e-Magazine) about the Middle East, Jadaliyya, according to the editors, “will provide a unique source of insight and critical analysis that combines scholarship, advocacy, and local knowledge, with an eye on audiences in the United States, the Arab world, and beyond.” The site publishes posts in both English and Arabic, and seeks to attract writers from the region itself.

The editors emphasize that Jadaliyya will appeal to those who find that mainstream coverage of the Middle East—from both within and without—leaves much to be desired.