Prof Daniel Neep teaching a class

Our renowned Master of Arts in Arab Studies (MAAS) program offers comprehensive interdisciplinary training in the politics, culture, history, economics, and language of the contemporary Arab Middle East and North Africa, as well as rigorous Arabic language training. Students design a program of study that allows them to develop expertise on the pressing issues relevant to the Middle East and North Africa today in one of five concentration areas: Politics, Culture and Society, Development, History, or Women and Gender.

In addition to their main concentration, students select options from the full range of courses in Middle East Studies offered at Georgetown. The MAAS program further cultivates an in-depth understanding of the region through the program’s intensive Arabic instruction, which allows our students to reach proficiency level. Students have the unique opportunity to deepen their language skills by opting to take courses taught entirely in Arabic.

MAAS students may choose to pursue one of several dual degrees, as well as enroll concurrently in graduate certificate programs in International Business Diplomacy, Refugee and Humanitarian Emergencies, and Diplomatic Studies, among others.