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Title: Meet Our 2024 NCUSAR Interns!

CCAS has the privilege of hosting two undergraduate interns from the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations (NCUSAR) in Washington DC, who will be working with CCAS faculty and staff this summer. We are pleased to welcome Miles Kaufman and Charles Luke.

By way of introduction, they have each interviewed and written profiles about one another, which you can read below.

Miles Kaufman

Hometown: Cumberland, Rhode Island

Research Interests: The confluence of Middle Eastern and Western worldviews, intersections between cross cultural understanding and international interest, statecraft as practiced in the Egyptian and Libyan context, perceptions of good governance

Miles Kaufman is a rising Junior at Bates College studying politics with a focus on security, conflict, and cooperation. He plans to double major in German, with minors in philosophy and classics. In the upcoming academic year, Miles will be studying abroad at Oxford University in the UK and in Germany. 

His interests include diplomacy and international relations, with a particular focus on the Middle East, which was inspired by his friendships with many international students from the region. Besides learning more about statecraft, Miles spends his time reading classical literature, writing, and composing. He also enjoys skiing and sailing. 

During his internship, Miles plans to explore DC beyond its typical tourist destinations, to discover the city in greater depth, particularly its embassies. Miles is excited to connect and engage in discussions with experts on foreign policy and the SWANA region. In the future, Miles aims to work in the State Department, or in an international part of the private sector. He hopes to find a vocation that facilitates his desire to travel and learn languages.  He looks forward to doing work on a level that directly engages with cross-cultural understanding and linguistic analysis and honing his skills in and understanding of diplomacy.

Charles Luke


Hometown: Los Angeles, California

Research Interests: Law, Politics, Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Studies 

Charles Luke is a rising sophomore at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Originally from Los Angeles, Charles’ interests are broad and include political science, history, and mathematics. He is enthralled by the rich history and political landscape of the Middle East, and is committed to better understanding current affairs in the region through interdisciplinary studies and intensive analysis.

During his internship at CCAS through NCUSAR , he hopes to see what it’s like to work and live in the nation’s capital, explore the city in depth, and develop a meaningful understanding of the Capital’s function in American politics. He loves the idea of meeting like-minded individuals in DC and pursuing his studies outside as well as inside of the classroom. His grounds for studying SWANA primarily stem from studying Arabic at Brown–Charles is passionate about awareness of the area, and loves to try everything he can to approach the world with an open, professional mind. Outside of his studies, Charles reads, writes, and plays piano regularly, and is an avid runner. He is especially passionate about civic work and has volunteered regularly in his university’s city of Providence.

As a rising Sophomore, Charles is uncertain about his course in life, but is highly enthusiastic about government and policymaking.