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Title: Dr. Marwa Daoudy’s COP27 Roundup

Dr. Marwa Daoudy is an Associate Professor of International Relations at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service (SFS) and the Seif Ghobash Chair in Arab Studies at the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS). Read Dr. Daoudy’s full bio here

This is a dedicated space to Dr. Daoudy’s analysis and commentary on COP27, and will be updated frequently.

Interview | Middle East startups rise to challenges of climate change
Daoudy was interviewed for an article written by Al-Monitor. With COP27 underway in Egypt, climate adaptation startups in the Middle East and North Africa work to create new platforms in the face of the urgent action required to combat climate change.

Report | A Year of Climate Science in Review 
In a report written by 65 leading scientists on climate launched at COP27, Daoudy and other scholars argue that adequately addressing climate security concerns requires a more robust consideration of human security. 

Interview | From the Mediterranean to the Gulf, the climate is fixedly hot
Water systems get weaponized in armed conflicts, eventually adding to the casualties of war. Read Daoudy’s interview in French with L’Orient Le Jour . 

Expert Opinion | Judy Asks: Is Climate Cooperation Trumping Human Rights?

Many countries critical to the global effort to tackle climate change have poor human rights records. Democracies must find ways to ensure progress on both fronts. Daoudy participates in a Carnegie experts’ opinion piece. 

Analysis | COP 27: Leading Abroad, Repressing at Home

Egypt’s path toward playing an international role on climate change will encounter two significant stumbling blocks. Daoudy writes for the Carnegie Middle East Center.