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Title: Meet our Summer Interns!

Date Published: July 31, 2018

CCAS has had the privilege this summer of hosting a dynamic team of interns from both the United States and abroad. Each summer, CCAS partners with the Student Ambassadors Program at Bethlehem University in the West Bank and with the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations (NCUSAR) in Washington DC to bring undergraduate student interns to Georgetown’s campus to work with CCAS faculty and staff. In addition, this year we have been pleased to welcome student interns from the Barrie School and George Washington University.

Meet our summer intern team:

Brittni Foster

Rising Sophomore at Tufts University
Major: Arabic/Middle Eastern Studies/International Relations

What made you want to do your internship at CCAS?
I’ve always had an interest in the Arab world and wanted to work at a place that would cultivate that interest. After researching CCAS, I felt thrilled to be in a space with people with the same passion and interest in the region that I have. Additionally, I was really excited about the potential to learn from so many great minds being constantly surrounded by scholars and students. It was also just really cool and satisfying to hear Arabic being spoken so casually and on a daily basis since I wouldn’t have that exposure otherwise.

Grayson Lee
Rising Sophomore at Brown University
Major: Undecided (Considering history, linguistics, or international relations)

What is the most interesting project you have worked on at CCAS?
I’ve enjoyed all of the projects I’ve worked on at CCAS, from interviewing alumni about their amazing work to researching the women’s labor market in Jordan. My favorite parts, however, were not the projects I worked on, but witnessing the work happening around me, walking in to see an Arabic proverb on the whiteboard, meeting professors after cataloging their fascinating work, hearing Arabic spoken every day, and eating Lebanese food with the other interns. These experiences, coupled with all the interesting projects I worked on, made my time at CCAS memorable.

Rayhan Ahmed
Rising High School Senior at the Barrie School

What is your favorite quote and why?
“If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.”

I love this quote because it told me an unorthodox way to help me improve and become a better person. This quote can be applied to other aspects of life rather than intelligence. For example, it was this quote that inspired me to try-out for the more competitive AAU basketball teams earlier in high school.

Leen Hadweh
Rising Senior at Bethlehem University
Major: Business Administration

What has been one of your favorite experiences at CCAS?
As soon as we came in the first day, everyone spoke Arabic, which was the last thing I expected. It was also the end of Ramadan and so the center had brought in Arab food. It was a great way to start at CCAS, being surrounded by people who love and understand my culture. I’ve seen many people here who are originally American but take so much interest and invest so much time in learning about the Arab World and opening people’s eyes to it. That itself is inspiring to me as a Palestinian.

Donna Khair
Rising Senior at Bethlehem University
Major: Accounting

What inspired you to apply for an internship in the United States this summer?
I was inspired by my family and university because they believed in me and in my abilities. Also, I always want to try something new and extraordinary that would enrich my career in the future and open up my mind to new things. During my internship at CCAS I have been involved in many enriching activities.

Seeran B. Enayetullah
Rising Sophomore at George Washington University
Major: International Affairs

What is the most interesting project you have worked on so far at CCAS?
When the first Trump travel ban came out I helped organize an event to raise awareness of the people who were banned with children performers from the local area and from the banned countries.


Article compiled by Donna Khair