Mabrūk, MAAS Class of 2013!

On Friday, May 17, 2013, CCAS congratulated 20 students on their graduation from the Master of Arts in Arab Studies program with an after-ceremony reception. As she did the previous year, CCAS Professor Judith Tucker introduced each student by reading sections of their applications to the program, and asking the graduates to guess who wrote which statements. Dr. Tucker then went on to summarize what the students actually studied during their programs, and what they intend to do after graduation.

Students are listed by alphabetical order, along with their thesis topics, if they had one. Asterisks indicate distinction.

Wadah Al Shugaa*

Claire Anderson* - "Be a Man: The Exploration of Expressions and Practices of British Masculinity, A Comparison of Transjordan and Mesopotamia"

Lizette Baghdadi* - "Lesbanon: The Lesbian Experience in Lebanon"

Samantha Brotman

Joseph Cederquist

Scott Cole

Samuel (Eli) Gentle*

Candace Gibson*

Graham Griffiths*

Elizabeth (Basma) Guthrie*

Grant Hunter

Stephanie Lella

Seth Luxenberg

Gregor Nazarian* - "A Common Vision: Contesting History and Education in Postwar Lebanon"

Jennifer Nehus

Elizabeth (Bailey) O'Bagy

Basma Rayess

Thomas Smith

Nada Soudy* - "Expatriates Versus Immigrants: A Comparative Study of Second-generation Egyptians in Qatar and the United States"

Line Zouhour Adi*