Obama's First 150 Days

by Gregory Orfalea (2009)

Mr. Orfalea details measures Obama has taken to reach out to the Arab world and analyzes his ability to effect positive change in the region. Starting with Obama's first day in office, Mr. Orfalea traces ways in which the Obama administration's Middle East policies have differed from those of its predecessors, examining such topics as Obama's June 4 speech in Cairo, his plans for the Iraq War, and his resolution to make progress vis-a-vis the Israeli-Palestinain conflict. Mr. Orfalea concludes that the president is in a unique position to effect change because of his understanding of and respect for Arab concerns. But it remains to be seen, he warns, whether Obama will succeed. If he doesn't, writes Mr. Orfalea, "more than a presidency will be stillborn. And our agony will grow."

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