Resources from Past Workshops

2017 The Heritage and Contemporary Status of Christianity in the Middle East and North Africa

Speaker Bios from Christianity in the MENA

Introduction to Christianity in the Middle East and North Africa

Families of Churches in the Middle East

Select bibliography on Christianity in the Middle East

DGrafton PPT: Christian Communities in the Modern Middle East

Kristian Girling handout

Yacoub-Christians in Iraq

Girling, "To Live Within Islam"

Yvonne Haddad PPT on Arab Christians in the Diaspora

Teule, "Development of Secular Thinking"

The Marrakesh Declaration on the Rights of Minorities

Al-Azhar Declaration on Citizenship and Coexistence Issued by His Eminence the Grand Imam of Al-Azhar

Jordan Times: "Muslims Take the Initiative to Guard Churches As Easter Celebrated"

Deir Mar Mousa Journal: "Modern-Day Pilgrims Find Interfaith Bond in Ancient Syrian Monastery"

Kamali, "Diversity and Pluralism: a Qur'anic Perspective"

Arab American National Museum: Patriots & Peacemakers

Fadda-Conrey, "Arab American Citizenship in Crisis"


The Link: "Christians in the Arab East" (1973)

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Good Copt, Bad Copt

Interfaith Dialog in Lebanon

Together for the Common Good

2017 Children of One World: Celebrating the Cultures of the Excluded, 3/22/17 at Arena Stage

2017 Teach-In on Yemen

2017 Mapping Material Culture through Indian Ocean Trade: Cotton in the Global Economy

2016 In Their Own Voices: Middle Eastern Perspectives in the Classroom

"In Their Own Voices" Workshop Agenda

List of MEOC outreach professionals' favorite films and books (PPT file) and MS Word file MEOC outreach professionals' list of favorite books and films

Middle East Outreach Council Book Awards List, 2000-2015

PPT on Critical Media Literacy (to come)

Madaya Mom: the Story of One Mother's Unimaginable Struggle for Survival (Graphic story in "comic book" format)

Postive Negatives: a collection of authentic human rights narratives in comic book form

Global Nomads Group (Fostering Dialog & Understanding among the World's Youth)

Teaching the Middle East: a Resource Guide for American Educators (digital book)

Exhibition websites at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery: Turquoise Mountain: Artists Transforming Afghanistan and The Art of the Qur'an: Treasures from the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts

2016-2017 Exploring World Religions: Focus on Islam Educator Workshop featuring "The Art of the Qur'an" Exhibition

2016 Developing Area Studies Surveys: Challenges, Approaches and Resources

SFS Scholars' Recommended Reading & Viewing

Area Studies Classroom Resources

An Area Studies Thematic Framework

Area Studies Workshop Speaker Bios 10-1-16

Lahra Smith PPT on The Dynamics of Change and Diversity in Africa

Fida Adely PPT on Movement and Change in the Middle East and North Africa Perspectives

Fr. Matthew Carnes PPT on Forging Identities, Crafting Communities: The Americas in Motion Today

Mubbashir Rizvi PPT on Asian Studies as Global Studies


“What is Area Studies?” Scott Taylor, Georgetown University (

“The Dynamics of Change and Diversity in Africa,” Lahra Smith, Georgetown University (

“Movement and Change in the Middle East and North Africa,” Fida Adely, Georgetown University (

“Forging Identities, Crafting Communities -- The Americas in Motion Today,” Matthew Carnes, Georgetown University (

“Asian Studies as Global Studies,” Mubbashir Rizvi, Georgetown University (

2016 Approaches to Islam and Muslims through Film: A Workshop for Elementary through High School Educators

2016 Express Yourself! Cultural Activities for Teachers in Poetry, Dance, Music & Textile Art 

2016 The New Silk Roads: Regional Cultures and Global Implications

2015 Pirates of Three Seas: History from Below in Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Maritime Spaces

Resources on Pirates and Piracy on the Seas

Speaker Bios from Pirates of Three Seas

Videos & PPTs from Workshop:

History Lists: Ten Most Famous Pirates in History

Jatin Dua (2013) "A sea of trade and a sea of fish: piracy and protection in the Western Indian Ocean," Journal of Eastern African Studies, 7:2, 353-370, DOI: 10.1080/17531055.2013.776280 (request link)

Judith Tucker, "She Would Rather Perish: Piracy and Gendered Violence in the Mediterranean," Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies Vol. 10, No. 3 (Fall 2014) © 2014 (request link)

Denver Brunsman, "Subjects vs. Citizens: Impressment and Identity in the Anglo-American Atlantic," Journal of the Early Republic, Volume 30, Number 4, Winter 2010, pp. 557-586 (Article) Published by University of Pennsylvania Press DOI: 10.1353/jer.2010.0023 (request link)

VIEWING GUIDE FOR VIDEO Jatin Dua, “A Sea of Profit: Piracy, Fishing and Protection in the Western Indian Ocean” Teaching Water: Global Perspectives on a Resource in Crisis, August 5-8, 2013, Harvard University

Video for Viewing Guide above Jatin Dua, "A Sea of Profit: Piracy, Fishing, and Protection in the Western Indian Ocean,"

J Dua & K Menkhaus, "Context of Contemporary Piracy: the Case of Somalia," Journal of International Criminal Justice 10 (2012), 749-766 doi:10.1093/jicj/mqs050 ß The Author (2012). Published by Oxford University Press.(request link)

Joshua White, "Shifting Winds: Piracy, Diplomacy, and Trade in the Ottoman Mediterranean, 1624–1626," in Well-Connected Domains: Towards an Entangled Ottoman History, Pascal W. Firges Tobias P. Graf Christian Roth Gülay Tulasoğlu, eds. © koninklijke brill nv, leiden, 2014 doi 10.1163/9789004274686 (request link)

Lipman, Masters of the Atlantic (article on native American seafarers)

2015 Teach-In on Gaza

2015 Ethiopia and Eritrea: History, Migration and Community

Map of Eritrea & Ethiopia, from Perry-Castaneda Map Library at UT Austin

Selected Resources on Ethiopia and Eritrea

Dan Connell website and Resources at

2015 The Extraordinary Story and Discovery of Yarrow Mamout: from African Slave to Georgetown Property Owner

2015 Summer Institute for Educators: "Beyond Ibn Battuta: the Indian Ocean across Time & Disciplines

Videos of Lectures from the Summer Institute now on CCAS's Vimeo page at

STI 2015 Scholar Bios

Bibliography of Lecturer's Books and Articles (to come)

Map of the Indian Ocean

Map of Dhow Ports of the Indian Ocean

Bibliography of Recommended Books on the Indian Ocean

Teaching Resources and Lesson Plans on the Indian Ocean

Three Webquests on the Indian Ocean in History and Today

Teaching about the Indian Ocean World-AP WH Unit-College Board 2006-2007

Curriculum Resources and Readymade Lessons on the Indian Ocean

Historical Overviews of each Era-ALL (From -- see also textbox entries on many topics on the site, lesson plans, and other resources)

Voyage of the Peacock: Nineteenth Century American Merchants in the Indian Ocean-SQCC

Michael Vann-Haunted House, Haunted History (Indonesia)

Michael Vann-When the World Came to SE Asia, Malacca & the Global Economy

Primary Source: Commentaries of Alfonso D'Albequerque

Primary Source: The Malay Archipelago, Alfred Russell Wallace

2015 Children & Youth Literature Projects & Techniques for the Classroom: Africa & the Middle East (Howard University-CCAS)

2015 Author & Translator Workshop The Lady from Tel Aviv

Following the 2/21/2015 CCAS event on The Lady from Tel Aviv, author Raba'i al-Madhoun and translator Elliott Colla appeared with Zeina Azzam at the Jerusalem Fund. Watch the video here.

2015 Youth, Gender, and Social Change in the Middle East

2015 Cross Cultural Perspectives in Healthcare and Social Work

2015 Symposium "An Energy Revolution? Political Ecologies of Shale Oil in the Middle East, US, and China"

From February 11-13, 2015, CCAS held the Sheikh Abdullah Saleh Kamel Symposium on issues related to production of shale oil. We have created a symposium resource page where you can view summaries, podcasts, and videos of the keynote speech and 5 expert panels. We have also created an Infographic on the Water/Energy Nexus and Symposium Study Guide to this important symposium for teachers of world geography, world history, global affairs and current events.

2014 CCAS-MEOC Literature Workshop

2014 Teach-In on Iraq and Syria

2014 Summer Institute on the Mediterranean

2013 Weaving an Interconnected World

2013 Syria: a Teach-in

2013 Elementary Seminar

2012 Middle East 101

2012 The Arab City in History