The outreach program offers many services to K-12 educators in addition to workshops and seminars. These include access to a lending library of resources and a speakers bureau, consultation with the K-14 Education Outreach Coordinator, as well as informational notices by email.

Lending Library

The outreach program maintains a lending library of resources for educators. These include books, curriculum materials, maps, and films that can supplement classroom teaching. Resources may be checked out for two weeks and can be picked up in person; arrangements for mailing items to schools also can be made. In order to learn more about the lending library’s holdings, or to seek advice about materials that will be appropriate for classroom use, teachers can contact Susan Douglass, K-14 Education Outreach Coordinator at (202) 687-7902.

Consultation Services

CCAS K-14 Education Outreach Coordinator Susan Douglass is available for consultation on a number of classroom needs or issues. Teachers contact the Center frequently for advice on materials that they can use, such as a film or a suggestion of a novel that might complement a unit they are teaching, or for background information on a particular topic. Guidance counselors and ESL professionals also call for advice on sensitive cultural or religious issues. In addition, teachers request speakers for their classrooms (see Speakers Bureau page for additional information).

Speakers Bureau

Students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Arab Studies program at Georgetown are available to visit schools and community groups in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Some of these students come from Arab countries, and others have lived and worked in the Middle East in a variety of capacities. All have chosen a field of academic expertise ranging from politics in the Arab world, to development, culture, history, and gender studies. They are equipped to present talks on specific countries or on topics such as oil and economics, comparative politics and U.S.-Arab relations, Islam, the role of women, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

To arrange for a speaker, please contact K-14 Education Outreach Coordinator Susan Douglass to discuss the specific needs of your audience at 202-687-7902 or Every effort will be made to identify an appropriate speaker from Georgetown. A lead time of two to three weeks is required and host institutions are asked to provide a brief evaluation of the presentation. Assistance with transportation may be requested.

Email List

The Director of Educational Outreach maintains an email list of teachers to whom messages are sent once or twice a week. These comprise information about upcoming teacher outreach programs, events dealing with the Arab world and the Middle East sponsored by CCAS and other organizations in the Washington, D.C., area, educational opportunities for teachers such as study-tours overseas and professional development programs, and announcements of new materials to enrich teaching about the Arab world and Islam. Educators can request to be added to the email list by contacting Susan Douglass, K-14 Education Outreach Coordinator, or by filling out the form.