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As part of our renewed alumni outreach, we have been featuring MAAS alums more prominently on our website and social media platforms, and in the biannual CCAS Newsmagazine. The past few issues of the CCAS Newsmagazine have featured more than 100 MAAS alums! Please tell us about your professional accomplishments so that we can feature you! You can either email your news to or take a moment to fill out this brief form.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Giving Back

MAAS graduates accomplish a great deal by completing the program. We encourage our graduates to make this enriching experience a possibility for others. Whether it is in support of scholarships for deserving students or of the Center’s activities that made your time at MAAS richer—through events, publications, or classroom outreach—please consider us in your philanthropic giving this year. To designate a gift for CCAS, please use this form. Thank you for your generosity!


Alumni Spotlight

David Jackson

A Conversation with David Jackson, MAAS ’83

David Jackson may be president of Northridge Capital, an independent real estate management firm in Washington, D.C., but he calls himself an “Arabist.” “People in the real estate business look at you like you’re some kind of an insect when you tell them that,” he says. “But I have a different kind of perspective.” This perspective comes in handy at Northridge, where Jackson invests in real estate for a small number of Saudi families.