MAAS graduates, we want to hear from YOU! We are launching a 2017 alumni outreach campaign and will be communicating more than in the past. We also plan to more prominently feature our alums in CCAS publications and on our website. Because this is a renewed effort on our part, it’s important for us first to learn more about each of you. If you are a MAAS grad, please take just a couple of minutes to update your information and complete a brief survey question. You may use this same form at any time to send us updates of your accomplishments for potential inclusion in the CCAS Newsmagazine. We look forward to hearing from you!

MAAS graduates accomplish a great deal by completing the program. We encourage our graduates to make this enriching experience a possibility for others. Whether it is in support of scholarships for deserving students or of the Center’s activities that made your time at MAAS richer—through events, publications, or classroom outreach—please consider us in your philanthropic giving this year.


Alumni Spotlight

Picture of Judith-Mendelsohn-Rood

Q&A with Judith Mendelsohn Rood (MAAS ’82)

MAAS alumna Judith Mendelsohn Rood talks about her doctoral research as a Lady Davis Dissertation Fellow at Hebrew University and as the Islamic Court of Jerusalem’s first female researcher.

Dorothée Kellou (MAAS ’12)

Journeying Home

Dorothée Kellou (MAAS ’12) has a passion for film and the power it has to share narratives. In 2012, Kellou began fundraising to film a documentary about the legacy of French resettlement camps during the Algerian War of Independence (1954–1962). Since the start of her campaign, Kellou has made significant strides toward production, and she hopes that her film will help shine a light on colonial power and its repressive apparatus.

Image of Lisa Hajjar

Q&A with Lisa Hajjar (MAAS ’86)

MAAS alumna and university professor Lisa Hajjar discusses recent developments in the American public debate over the use of torture, and the personal road she took to speaking out against it.

David Jackson

A Conversation with David Jackson, MAAS ’83

David Jackson may be president of Northridge Capital, an independent real estate management firm in Washington, D.C., but he calls himself an “Arabist.” “People in the real estate business look at you like you’re some kind of an insect when you tell them that,” he says. “But I have a different kind of perspective.” This perspective comes in handy at Northridge, where Jackson invests in real estate for a small number of Saudi families.