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Lina Annab

Former Minister of Tourism and Antiquities of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

A graduate of Georgetown University (MAAS ’91), H.E. Lina Annab served from 2016 to 2018 as Jordan’s Minister of Tourism and Antiquities. Prior to that she spent her career working in the private sector in the areas of business development, finance, and marketing management. She has served on the board of directors of various private and public shareholding companies in Jordan and also represented the private sector on several national councils.

Dana Al Dairani

Dana Al Dairani

Assistant Director
+1 202-687-2258

Dana joined CCAS in October 2018. She has more than 14 years of professional experience in the field of educational development in Syria, Jordan, and in the Arab world more broadly. Her previous experience was focused on youth empowerment through learning and education, community engagement, and refugee integration into host communities.

Marie van den Bosch

Marie van den Bosch

2018-2019 Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellow

Marie van den Bosch is the Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellow at Georgetown University’s Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS). She received her Ph.D. in Politics from Princeton University in June 2018, with a focus on Comparative Politics. Her research interests are in authoritarian political systems, regime survival politics and comparative political economy of oil. Her dissertation focused on political survival strategies through economic diversification in oil-dependent countries. Her ongoing research investigates two intertwined questions: what is the effect of non-state elite groups on government spending patterns, and what is the role of oil in shaping political survival strategies for authoritarian regimes. She also holds an MA in Arab Studies from Georgetown University’s CCAS.

Click here for more information on the Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellowship at CCAS.

Dr. Graham Auman Pitts

Dr. Graham Auman Pitts

2018-2019 American Druze Foundation Fellow

Dr. Graham Pitts, the 2018-2019 American Druze Foundation Fellow at CCAS, was a postdoctoral teaching scholar from 2016 to 2018 at North Carolina State University’s International Studies program. He earned both his MA and PhD from Georgetown University’s History Department and his BA from Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. His dissertation was titled “Fallow Fields: Famine and the Making of Lebanon.” Dr. Pitts is fluent in Arabic, Spanish, and French, and has a working knowledge of Turkish. He has taught “Arab Environmental History,” “History of Sectarianism in the Middle East,” “Introduction to International Studies,” and historical survey courses on the Middle East.

During his fellowship, Dr. Pitts will explore the environmental history of the Druze from the late Ottoman period until the present. Demography will feature prominently in his research, which will illuminate Druze population dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean as well as the American mahjar. In addition to pursuing scholarly publications and delivering lectures, Dr. Pitts will devote his fellowship year to building a website with resources for Druze genealogy. In October, Dr. Pitts will deliver a talk on the Druze during World War I at the conference “The Druze: Celebrating a Thousand Years of Diversity,” which will take place at the American University of Beirut.

The American Druze Foundation Fellowship was established at the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) within Georgetown’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service in 2012 to support and promote scholarship on Druze communities. The fellowship is open to scholars conducting social scientific research on the Druze, and on collective political and cultural identities in the Arab world in the disciplines of history, political science, sociology, economics, anthropology, and archaeology.

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Loutfy Mansour

CEO of Man Capital LLP and Mantrac Group

Mr. Loutfy Mansour is CEO of Man Capital LLP, the Mansour family’s London-based investment arm founded to expand the group’s global presence by investing in new markets and verticals. Mansour has led an international team of 10 professionals for Man Capital since its founding in 2010.

Mohamed Loutfy Mansour

Chairman, Mansour Group and Former Minister of Transport, Egypt

H.E. Mohamed Loutfy Mansour serves as Chairman of the Mansour Group and Chairman of Man Capital LLP, a London based Family Office/Private Equity firm established to oversee the group’s global investments and provide capital and strategic support to companies with attractive growth perspectives. From 2005 to 2009, Mr. Mansour served as Minister of Transport for the Egyptian Government.

Gregory Noth

Gregory Noth

Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa

Research Interests: Authoritarianism, politics of the Gulf, Iraq, Turkey

Greg graduated cum laude from Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois in 2012 with a BA in International Relations. He studied Arabic, political culture, and development models of the Gulf . . .

Diego Bercito

Diogo Bercito

Hometown: São Paulo, Brazil

Research Interests: Literature, migration

Diogo is a Brazilian journalist specializing in the Middle East. He has lived in Rabat, Jerusalem, Beirut, and Cairo. Diogo covered the 2013 Egyptian coup, the 2014 Gaza war, and the ongoing conflicts in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen . . .