Fellowships, Scholarships, and Grants

The Center for Contemporary Arab Studies has a number of opportunities for students at Georgetown University and others outside the University to supplement their academic research, writing, and learning. These scholarships, fellowships, and awards have been made possible by generous grants from individuals and governments. The Center values and encourages original research through the Qatar Post-Doctoral Fellowship and the ADF Post-Doctoral Fellowship, while The Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship and the Qatar Scholarship Program enable students to improve their Arabic language fluency.

The Center has also raised funds for scholarships that are earmarked for students applying to the MAAS program. These scholarships often make the difference in the program's ability to attract the most qualified students. If you wish to donate to one of our existing scholarships or discuss the creation of a new scholarship, fellowship, or award, please contact the Associate Director at 202/687-5647. Only with new financial assistance will CCAS be able to reach its full potential in supporting students and new research on the Arab world at Georgetown University.