Visiting Scholars

The Visiting Scholars program at Georgetown University's Center for Contemporary Arab Studies (CCAS) was established to accommodate visiting researchers who wish to use the facilities and faculty resources of Georgetown University for research purposes. The University extends its resources on a selective basis in the spirit of institutional collegiality and to foster the further development of knowledge. Learn more about becoming a Visiting Scholar.

Current Visiting Scholars

Aseel Alawadhi

Aseel Alawadhi is an Assistant Professor at Kuwait University and a former member of the Kuwaiti Parliament. She received her PhD in Philosophy from the University of Texas at Austin, where she wrote her dissertation on Islamic liberalism. Dr. Alawadhi is on sabbatical leave from Kuwait University for one year, during which she is working on a book project on the Kuwaiti model of democracy. Her book focuses on the Kuwaiti political system; the socio-political structure of Kuwaiti society, culture, and mentality; and the challenges that all of these present to democracy as she has experienced them as a woman and as a member of parliament. Dr. Alawadhi also will be publishing in various journals, writing about women and power in the Middle East, democracy without liberty, and Islamic liberalism.



Nell Gabiam

Nell Gabiam is Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Political Science at Iowa State University. She received her Ph.D. in anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2008. She is currently completing her book manuscript titled In Order Not to Forget: Development and the Politics of Suffering in Syria’s Palestinian Refugee Camps, which is based on two years (2004-2006) of ethnographic fieldwork in the Palestinian refugee camps of Ein el Tal, Neirab, and Yarmouk, in Syria. More recently, she has conducted research on Palestinians living in France as part of a larger collaborative project on stateless diasporas in the EU with Oxford University’s Center for Refugee Studies. She has also begun a new project on pro-Palestinian activism in France and the mobilizing role such activism has historically played among Maghrebis in France.