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What level of Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish must I take while receiving a FLAS?
You must be able to enroll in the intermediate level or higher in order to receive a FLAS.

Can I apply if I am fluent in the language for which I am seeking a FLAS?
You may apply, but the FLAS selection committee will assign the lowest priority to students who already possess language fluency equivalent to educated native speakers in the language for which the award is sought.

Why am I asked to provide financial information to determine eligibility for FLAS?
In addition to merit, the NRC-MENA considers financial need when selecting candidates.  Therefore, FLAS applicants are required to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by the FLAS application deadline so that Georgetown’s Office of Student Financial Services (OSFS) can determine a student’s expected contribution and level of financial need.  Applicants may be asked to provide additional financial information to OSFS to determine financial need.

What does a summer FLAS cover?
Summer FLAS provides up to $5,000 for tuition/fees at a program in the U.S. or abroad, plus a $2,500 stipend.  Please note that the $5,000 award may ONLY be used for tuition and related fees.  It may NOT be used to cover housing, transportation, or meals.  If the program that you wish to attend gives a total cost that includes room and board, you will be asked to provide an itemized invoice.  Anything that is not considered tuition/fees will be deducted from the stipend.  For example, if a program costs $5,000 and of that amount $4,000 is for tuition/fees and $1,000 is for housing, $1,000 will be deducted from the stipend ($2,500) and you will only receive $1,500.

If the program fees are more than what FLAS covers, does my department or program need to agree to pay the difference?
No. Students are expected to cover additional tuition costs.  However, FLAS recipients’ departments or programs are encouraged to support their students whenever possible, either by offering additional tuition support if the program expenses exceed $5,000, or by providing additional subsistence support to help cover the cost of airfare and living expenses.

What if my program costs less than $5,000?  Can I use the additional funds for something else?
The $5,000 FLAS award can only be used for tuition and fees.  If the program provides options for additional tutoring, for example, it may be possible to use the funds for supplemental study.  However, the leftover monies cannot be used for airfare, accommodations, or any non-tuition expenses.

What if the program that I wish to attend is shorter than six weeks and/or does not meet the required number of contact hours?
In certain circumstances and with prior approval, it is possible to supplement the program with an independent study or private tutoring to meet the requirement.

What if the program that I wish to attend is in a country with a State Department travel warning?
Because the FLAS Fellowship is awarded through Georgetown, students must adhere to GU’s policies regarding international travel.  Students who wish to attend a program in a country with a travel warning must have their travel approved before the NRC-MENA can award the FLAS.  More information about GU’s travel policies is available on the International Travel and Safety page of the Office of Global Services website.

Can I attend a program for a Middle Eastern language other than Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, or Turkish?
Yes, as long as you study at the intermediate level or higher.

Does Georgetown consider FLAS applications from non-Georgetown students?

Yes. Non-GU students may apply for a FLAS fellowship to study at Georgetown’s Summer Arabic & Persian Language Institute, or at another approved program.

What are the obligations of a student who receives a FLAS award?
FLAS students must take one language course (intermediate-level or higher) and one area studies course per semester.  Additionally, students will be evaluated by a language professor at the beginning and end of the award period and must complete a self-evaluation at the end of the academic year.  Following graduation, those who received FLAS awards will be asked to provide general job placement information.

My program or department will not top off a FLAS award.  Can I still apply?
Because a FLAS Fellowship must be awarded as a full scholarship, the applicant’s department must agree to pay the amount of tuition/fees that remains after the $18,000 scholarship is applied.  Students whose departments do not agree to contribute additional scholarship funding will not be considered for a FLAS.  Students may not top off FLAS awards themselves; the entire award, including the FLAS top-off, must come from Georgetown.

Am I expected to work for the $15,000 stipend?
No. Students are not allowed to work in exchange for the stipend.  Additionally, because the stipend is considered ‘non-service,’ students are not allowed to hold any jobs on campus (including research assistant positions, short-term employment, etc.) while receiving a FLAS award.  Off-campus employment is permitted.

Can undergraduate students apply for a FLAS Fellowship for the academic year?
No. Academic year fellowships are only open to current Georgetown graduate students.  Undergraduate students may apply for summer FLAS Fellowships.

What if there are no language classes offered at my level and I need to take a language course to satisfy the FLAS requirement?
With prior approval, it may be possible to enroll in an independent study with a language professor if there is no language course offered at the level that you need.