MAAS graduates, who number more than 600, have distinguished themselves in many fields, including the diplomatic service of the United States and other countries; in international finance, the media, human rights and development organizations, as U.S. Congressional staff members; and as faculty at leading universities. Employers of MAAS graduates include Amnesty International, Citibank, CNN, the Financial Times, National Public Radio, the Petroleum Finance Company, Save the Children, Seeds of Peace, Sprint, the United Nations, the U.S. Department of Commerce, State, and Defense and the World Bank. MAAS alumni serve as faculty and administrators at academic institutions around the world, such as the American University in Cairo, Birzeit University, New York University, George Washington University, Georgetown University, Yale University, Oberlin College and the University of California at Berkeley.  

MAAS graduates accomplish a great deal by completing the program.  We encourage our graduates to make this enriching experience a possibility for others.  Whether it is in support of scholarships for deserving students or of the Center's activities that made your time at MAAS richer—through events, publications, or classroom outreach—please consider us in your philanthropic giving this year.