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Joint Degree Programs

One of the attractive features of the MAAS program is its provision for students to enroll simultaneously in either the J.D. program or various Ph.D. programs. Joint degree students receive full preparation both in their discipline and in regional studies, and save up to one year of course work compared to students who pursue the two degrees sequentially. They experience substantial time and cost savings, and may also take advantage of the opportunities provided by both programs, including access to financial aid, teaching fellowships, and alumni networks.

Applicants for the joint degree programs must submit two separate and complete applications: one to the MAAS program and one to the Ph.D. - or J.D. - granting program. Admission to the joint degree program is conditional upon acceptance into both programs. While joint degree applicants normally submit both applications in advance of initiating their studies at Georgetown, MAAS candidates who become interested in this option during the first year of study are eligible to apply at the end of their first semester. Specific degree requirements vary among departments. Please see the student handbook and collaborating departmental websites for additional information.

Currently, the MAAS program has joint degree programs with the following programs:

  • Ph.D., Arabic Language (Department of Arabic & Islamic Studies)
  • Ph.D., Government (Department of Government)
  • Ph.D., History (Department of History)
  • J.D., (Georgetown Law Center)
  • BSFS, Georgetown Undergraduate School of Foreign Service


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