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How to Find Us

Getting to CCAS:

The CCAS offices, including the CCAS Boardroom, are located in Suite 241 of the ICC Building (called the Bunn Intercultural Center on the campus map), which is on Georgetown’s main campus.  To get to the ICC from the campus front gates located at  3700 O Street NW, walk through the gates and follow the sidewalk to the right that cuts diagonally across the front lawn and ends in a brick courtyard. The ICC is a large, red-brick building located on the other side of the courtyard.

The main entrance of the ICC—which you will come to after crossing the lawn—is actually located on the third floor of the building, so once you enter the ICC, take a sharp left. There you will find a bank of elevators. Take an elevator down to the 2nd floor and then walk forward to the first hallway and turn left. There is a set of double wooden doors at the end of the hallway with our logo and suite number (241).

Accessibility: The CCAS Boardroom is disability accessible through the 1st floor of the ICC: Enter on the 3rd floor, per the directions above, and take the elevator down to 1st floor. Turn left at the first hallway and proceed to the wooden door at the end of the hallway.

Getting to Campus:

Parking/Car Service: For car service drop-off, the front gates of GU are located at 3700 O Street NW. There is plenty of street parking surrounding campus, both metered and free for two hours. There is also a lot for paid parking on campus (cash only). Click here for information for on-campus parking.

Public Transportation: Metro bus G2 makes a stop by the campus front gate. There are also free Georgetown shuttle buses from the Dupont and Rossyln metro stops. These buses will drop you off on the southwest side of campus (called “Bus Turnaround” on the campus map).

Call 1 + (202) 687 5793 to contact CCAS if you have any trouble locating our office.

Image of the ICC building
The Intercultural Center (ICC)