Majd al Waheidi - Center for Contemporary Arab Studies | Georgetown University
Photo of Majd Wahaidi

Hometown: Gaza, Palestine
Research interests: politics, diplomacy, and culture.

Majd Al Waheidi is a first-year student in MAAS, with a concentration in Politics. She comes to DC after three years as the New York Times Gaza Reporter. Born in Gaza to a Bedouin family from Beersheva, she naturally developed an interest in writing on and learning about the wider Middle East from which Gaza is so isolated.
She graduated in Business from Al-Azhar University in Gaza City in 2014, working as a TV correspondent for Kuwait TV in English and Channel News Asia while still a student. She covered the 2014 war between Israel and Hamas known as Operation Protective Edge for various TV channels before being appointed the New York Times reporter later that year, covering both the daily stories of ordinary Gazans and breaking political exclusives. She speaks Arabic and English and has basic knowledge of French and Italian, and is a dedicated reader of Arabic calligraphy and poetry.


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