Collin T. Berill - Center for Contemporary Arab Studies | Georgetown University
Photo of Collin Berill

Hometown: Meriden, Connecticut

Research Interests: Al-Nahda and late Ottoman Empire; Arab intellectual histories

Collin is a student of history whose research interests lie in the Arabic cultural renaissance of the 19th century and intellectual exchanges between Europe and the Ottoman Empire. Having graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a BA in history and a direction for his graduate work, he is extremely grateful to the all the faculty members, peers, and family whom encouraged his studies. He has delivered a conference presentation on the Arab Revolt in World War I and on the problems of Eurocentrism in African studies. Additionally, Collin has worked closely on several professional projects in the capacity of chapter co-authorship, oral history collection, editorial duties, and archival photo research. His goals at Georgetown University’s MAAS program include achieving Arabic language proficiency and increasing his base of historical knowledge of the Middle East.



Abu Rabia, Hazza. The Orthodox Church in Nazareth. (Israel: Al-Hakim; Hartford: Mustafa Foundation at the University of Hartford, 2017 (future). Print.

  •         [Co-author: Chapter 2 – Treasures of the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation]

Collin Berill. Leonard Thompson and Pre-Colonial Southern Africa: A Critique of Eurocentric Narratives.Africa Update, 2015. Digital.