Samar Saeed - Center for Contemporary Arab Studies | Georgetown University
Photo of Samar Ahmad

Hometown: Palestine & Jordan

Research interests: political economy of the Arab world, authoritarianism, identity politics, power and education.

Samar holds a BA from George Mason University (2009) and an MA in Near and Middle Eastern Studies with a major in Politics (Distinction) from SOAS, University of London. Upon graduation in 2013, Samar worked as a Researcher at the Columbia University global center in Amman and started her own educational initiative with the Middle East institute at SOAS focused on youth political education. During her time in Amman, Samar attended the Institute for Critical Thought and completed three courses in critical theory (identity politics, Islam and Modernity, and Ethics and Exile). In 2015 she completed a community organizing course called Leadership,Organizing, and Action at Harvard University and organized various community campaigns in Amman. She also taught IB Global Politics for the past two years. Samar’s favorite dish is maklobeh; she loves to dance dabkeh and started to learn to play the Oud this year: and she reviews and recommends books on her Instagram blog @samarreads and twitter @samarsaeed.


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