Marissa Emory - Center for Contemporary Arab Studies | Georgetown University
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Research Interests: Linguistic sentiments; Social/political relations between Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the Levant

Marissa Emory graduated cum laude from Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia with a Bachelor’s in Applied Linguistics and an Arabic minor. She surprisingly had no prior knowledge of the Middle East; her passion for Middle Eastern studies didn’t arise until after beginning her foreign language requirement for her Linguistics degree, causing a major shift in her academic trajectory. Despite differing faiths, Marissa became an influential member of GSU’s Muslim Student Association and wrote her senior thesis on the assimilation of second-generation Arab Muslim women in the U.S. Since then, she has traveled to Palestine and Morocco to further her studies of Arabic and Middle Eastern conflict and policies. Most recently, in 2016, she earned the SALAM Scholarship and studied Arabic intensively in Manah, Oman with the Sultan Qaboos College for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers. Her research is based on her experience as a linguistic sentiment analyst for Georgia State University and Columbia University, and focuses on interfaith relations between Christians, Muslims, and Jews in the Levant within the last half-century, and how those relations have major social and political impacts.