Mahdi Zaidan - Center for Contemporary Arab Studies | Georgetown University
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Research Interests: Refugee studies, economic justice, queer theory and liberation

Mahdi graduated in 2016 with a BS in Economics and a minor in Sociology with High Distinction from the Lebanese American University. In 2015 he began working as a case worker with Helem, an organization working on the legal protection of the LGBT community in Beirut. Mahdi was also a student organizer, cofounding LAU’s Intersectional Feminist club, one of the largest student lead feminist groups in the country. He’s also been part of a feminist cooperatives in Beirut, worked on HIV-prevention among young queer men and as an advocacy officer for Helem at the UNHCR in Geneva. In his free time he enjoys going out to dance, eating kibbeh ney’eh, making memes, and attempting to read Mahdi Amel.