Kaylee Steck - Center for Contemporary Arab Studies | Georgetown University
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Hometown: Albany, New York

Research interests: History of globalization; Arabs in Indian Ocean trade; role of colonialism in making of modern North Africa; development issues in Morocco

Kaylee is a young professional in international education with experience in program leading, teaching, and project management. She has more than two years of research and work experience in Morocco, most recently as program leader for CIEE High School Study Abroad. Kaylee was a recipient of Critical Language Scholarship (2013) for Arabic study in Morocco and Fulbright Scholarship (2014) for research on informal economy and retail development in Morocco. Her key skills include research, writing, intercultural communication, and Moroccan Arabic. She is currently coordinating Jadaliyya Maghreb Media Roundup and collaborating with a faculty member on publication. She holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations with a focus on Arabic and Islamic Civilization.