Carl Fisher - Center for Contemporary Arab Studies | Georgetown University
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Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Research Interests: Islamism, Religious Minorities in the Middle East, Security and Conflict

Carl Fisher graduated from the United States Military Academy in 2006 and earned his commission as a 2nd lieutenant in the US Army as an aviation officer. He served in Tikrit, Iraq for one year as a helicopter platoon leader and served for one year as a company executive officer in El Gorah, Egypt, as part of the Multinational Force & Observer mission. These years solidified Carl’s interest in the Arab world and fostered a love for the Arabic people and language. Carl joined the Foreign Area Officer Corps in 2013 and was assigned to the Middle East/North Africa region. He graduated from the Defense Language Institute’s Modern Standard Arabic Program in Monterey, CA in 2014 and then worked in Jordan at the US Embassy in Amman from 2015 to 2016. Carl married his beautiful wife Alyssa in 2007, and they have five children.